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ayham zanonehMarch 47 years of development in the service of Jordan

Celebrates the RJ end of 2010 anniversary of the forty-seventh anniversary, was founded Royal Jordanian by forty-seven years given to the needs of Jordan at that time to the air carrier and a national contribution in the renaissance and development, and ties with the world is a bridge of friendship, culture and friendship with other peoples at the hands of its founder, His Majesty the late King Hussein Bin Talal, God's mercy, who said in his will the Royal issued by the founding day (above): "I want to have our fleet ambassador in love to the world,
and a bridge for cultural exchange and cultural, commercial and technological, to the friendship and understanding with the whole world."

Has witnessed the march of the Royal Jordanian successive developments through 47 years in terms of fleet and route network, staff and systems, the accelerated pace of these developments and the process of modernization in the era of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein, who has spared no effort in promoting the carrier Jordanian national and reinforce the status of the company's competitive global and regionally, where the company has achieved great successes and progression over the past seven years.

Royal Jordanian has been turned by a capital of 84.4 million dinars in the process of privatization and restructuring to a public shareholding company wholly owned by the government shares on 5/2/2001, with the  government in December from 59.9 in 2007 offering of the shares of the company for subscription year, which accounts for 71% of the capital of the company and retained by 29%, as the shares on the ASE on the seventeenth of December 2007, where has the Jordanians at the time accounted for 56.2% of the shares as have the Arabs and foreigners, the remaining percentage was the percentage of Jordanians now have to reach 68% of the shares.

Fleet Modernization Program:

Works in the Royal Jordanian is currently about 4,500 employees and an employee, they are on a high degree of expertise, competence and qualification of scientific specialist, holding 29 aircraft models: Airbus 310 and 319 and 320 and 321 and 340 and 330 and Embraer 195 and Embraer 175, the company has completed the fleet, which consists of two aspects: one replacement of Airbus aircraft from the Airbus 310 and Airbus 320 and working on the lines mid-range planes, the latest and most appropriate for the network of lines of the Airbus 320 and Airbus 321, all newly manufactured and has the best standards of comfort and luxury, with the completion of this program is the accession of six aircraft to the fleet.

The second aspect of the modernization of the aircraft fleet of short-range, which represents the introduction of 7 aircraft newly manufactured models (Embraer 195 and 175) can accommodate, each for 100 seats and 75 seats respectively, for the network service near and medium term, and RJ introduced some of these aircraft in a manner rental capitalist which ends the ownership and some other operational style rental, as they joined all of these aircraft to the fleet during 2007 and 2008. The new aircraft will be added from the Embraer 175 with the end of 2010.

The third aspect is the fleet of aircraft long-range, where the airline agreed with Boeing, the giant American aircraft manufacturer to introduce approximately 11 aircraft from Boeing (787-8 Dreamliner) to its fleet, as part of the strategic plan implemented by the company to modernize the aircraft fleet allocated to serve the long-range distances.

The plan was to start the aircraft to join gradually to the fleet of Royal Jordanian since 2010 but the Boeing Company announced later for the delay in the delivery of all aircraft of this type until the beginning of 2013, note that there are negotiations with Boeing to compensate for the Royal Jordanian for the delay, and will replace Boeing 787 replace the Airbus 340 and Airbus 310 currently operating on the lines of the company's long-term to the United States, Canada and the Far East, while the company introduced during the month of May 2010 two two modern Airbus 330 of cover the period of the delayed entry Boeing 787 with the decision to derail Airbus 310 of the fleet.

It is worth mentioning that the Royal Jordanian Airlines has other subsidiaries is the "Royal Suites", which is concerned only run charter flights from Amman Civil Airport.

To join the alliance oneworld:

Given the reputation and international competitiveness, Royal Jordanian and services they provide to passengers has joined the company to the airline alliance global oneworld, to be the first Arab airline to join any of the global alliances of airlines (oneworld, Sky Team and Star Alliance), where the company actually joined the membership of oneworld in the first of April 2007 after the completion of all technical and technological requirements needed to achieve membership.

She is member airlines in the alliance about 9 thousands of daily flights to more than 750 destinations in 150 countries by 2500 a plane carrying 330 million passengers annually and annual revenues of up to $ 100 billion.

This broadened alliance network of Royal Jordanian from 57 international destinations served directly from Amman to about 750 destinations served by airlines, Alliance members and highlighted by American Airlines,  British, Spanish, Chinese, Australian, and provided the Coalition to passengers the company's services, distinctive quality and competitive prices as well as the good reputation that the airline has proved a global services company to compete with giant companies mentioned services.

Reload systems:

RJ introduced over the past few years many of the modern systems and advanced to the working methods of the most important of the frequent flyer program (HITIT) and revenue management system (PROS) and system audit (SIRAX) and others.

As applied to the company's other systems, advanced the most important e-ticket (E. Ticketing) and the reservation system via the Internet and a system to accept travelers self-Queen Alia International Airport (CUSS), and the system of issuing boarding pass online and launched a new website in both Arabic and English, and opened a comprehensive Telecommunications (Call Center) provides services, prices and booking information on flights for passengers and the public from around the world, while the company offers competitive prices and offers variety to allow multiple options for travelers from around the world plants.

Network of lines:

As for the network of lines are currently comprises of 57 destinations worldwide after the company opened two new in 2010 are the Medina and Kuala Lumpur, is also considering the opening of other stations in the coming years to Tehran, Ankara, Casablanca, Algiers, Berlin, Johannesburg, Lagos , Luxor, Aswan and Izmir, and others.

Also maintains the company's alliances marketing bilateral basis code share with a number of international airlines are: Syrian Arab Airlines, Gulf Air and the "U.S. Airways" and "American Airlines" and "British Airways" and Yemeni, Romanian, Spanish, Hungarian and Siberian.


Royal Jordanian won several prestigious awards, including awards in the field of air transport industry, and the award of a local, and the first awards was the prize awarded by the Royal Jordanian Flight Authority Asia and the Pacific (CAPA) in Singapore, "award the airline the most successful in achieving a strategic shift in Asia and the Pacific, 2006 "(Airline Turaround of the Year), second prize was awarded (Phoenix Award) awarded by the Royal Jordanian 2007 and one of the most international magazines specialized in aviation tradition and famous and most popular magazine Air Transport World Magazine (ATW ), which is the prize money the best and most effective and value in the global civil aviation sector.

The company also won during the July 2007 award for "the airline the most efficient in the field of information technology", which granted her magazine (Airline Business) World famous in the annual awards, known (Airline Strategy Awards), and awarded the Royal Jordanian with the beginning of 2008 the title of "Air 2007, "Journal of International Aviation Finance in recognition of the success experienced by the privatization process, also won the award for Royal Jordanian Airlines on the dates of the most accurate take-off and landing at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam in 2009.

The award is the other won by Royal Jordanian locally is awarded King Abdullah II Award for Excellence from the Gaza Large service companies in Jordan in 2007, where the award is the highest in the field of excellence at the national level, and deserved RJ recognition of efficiency and administrative procedures followed by the methods work and qualifications of employees and enable them to translate its vision and mission of the national carrier of Jordan enjoys a leading role in connecting Jordan with the world and provide the best air and ground services to travelers around the world.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision ...

To be the airline of choice connecting Jordan and the Levant in the world.

Our Mission ...

§ the promotion of our passengers is our own, because we offer them:

- The highest levels of safety, security and reliability in the field of air transport.- Rich atmosphere complete travel care and attention.- Services and advanced features at a reasonable cost.

§ that our staff works as a team with enthusiasm and high efficiency, because we offer them:

- A healthy work environment encourages participation and open dialogue.- The privileges and incentives and functional competition.- Ongoing opportunities for training and development through a career path and prepared.- Active and effective leadership.

§ shareholders to accept the investment to us, because we believe in them:

- Attractive returns on their investments.- Profit growing constantly.- The highest levels of integrity, transparency and responsibility.

This message will be proud of Jordan, because we:

- Is best to reverse the Jordan identity, culture and hospitality.- Promote Jordan as a way station for the world and a major gateway to the Middle East, both tourism and investment.- Support the local community and provide care for the various activities and charity events.

Our values ​​...

Strive to reach excellence, and our staff are successful Athlon B:

§ team spirit:

- Believe in working as a team, and we like to achieve success together, relying on effective communication and on our own.- Appreciate the suggestions of workers and make a difference in views and way of learning and progress.

§ Objectivity:

- Take decisions based on concrete facts and situations of a process, not based on personal opinions and feelings.- Support to ensure the right decisions Palmaloma convince each other realistically and impartially.

§ reliability:

- We strive continuously to meet the needs of our passengers in all circumstances.- Conforming to all internal policies and procedures and external systems in force.

§ Commitment:

- Committed to providing the best interests of each of them to successfully continue our company.- Keep the highest standards and levels of performance and we are working on their application.- Take responsibility for our actions and decisions.- Listen to the wishes of dealing with them from within and outside the company and respond to them.

§ Interest:

- Understand the requirements of our passengers and we are working to achieve them.- Support each other and appreciate the circumstances objectively.- Treat others with the same method which we wish to treat us with it.

§ Trust:

- Pursuing truth and transparency in our dealings with our passengers, our employees and our partners.


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